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Dedicated concierge supports matching with Web3 experts and peers

Utilizing the portfolio service "Desume", it cannot be found in other media
We support matching with WEB3 experts and colleagues. By directly requesting human resources with primary information that is difficult to access, you can smoothly start up a WEB3 business, test hypotheses, and conduct market research.


What is Desume Concierge ?

Our concierge will ask you about your issues and circumstances, and we will ask you about your issues and situations.

Full support for listing necessary human resources and adjusting appointments.
Sourcing from private users as well as "Desume" users is possible.



Desume Concierge

Web3 human resources

Utilization scene

I want to consider / plan a new business on Web3


I want to hire in my own Web3 business


Web3 expert
​ I want a mentor

Desume Concierge とは?

Features of Desume Concierge

Web3 industry-specific database

Utilizing the wallet address-linked portfolio service "Desume", we have a database of human resources with the necessary skills in the WEB3 industry. You can match the specialists that meet your company's needs from "owned NFTs" and "trading tokens" that cannot be found in conventional resumes and resumes. Based on reliable information using blockchain, skills can be identified and experts can be listed, so it can also be used as a reference check.


Full support from a dedicated concierge

A concierge who is familiar with the WEB3 industry will support your company exclusively. We will listen to what kind of issues you have for what purpose, list appropriate candidates, and then adjust the schedule and improve feedback after the interview. As a result, your company can concentrate on interviews with candidates and enable project promotion with a sense of speed.


We respect the idea of DAO.

We respect the DAO philosophy and
We will support you as a member of the project.
We will contribute to the creation and growth of WEB3 projects.

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